Terms & Conditions

1. Use of the RESQ-ME Mobile Panic:
  1. To activate service press the allocated speed dial button programmed on your cell phone handset.
  2. Listen for the call to connect and disconnect on your handset.
  3. The control centre will phone you back to establish the type of emergency (Medical or Security) and your location.
  4. In the event that the handset is not answered, the control centre will dispatch an armed response and/or medical response vehicle and/or ambulance to your registered address.
  5. This service is only available to the registered cell phone numbers as indicated on the application form.
  6. This service is not a substitute for a burglar alarm monitoring system which is fixed on a premises, but rather seen as an addition to security.
  7. This is an emergency service and Clients must take appropriate action to minimise false alarms.
  8. In the event of false alarms the Company reserves the right to charge the Client for each false alarm call out starting from R150.00 (Security) and/or R550.00 (Medical) excluding vat per call out.
  9. In the event of an accidental activation; the Client must phone the control centre to cancel the panic and quote the password given on the application form.
  10. In the event of an actual panic activation and the Client finds him/herself in a hostage situation the Client must use the “HELP PSW” given on the application form.
  11. When the “HELP PSW” is given the control centre will dispatch armed response and/or South African Police Services and/or medical response and/or ambulance to the given address or location.
  12. The Company will only make use of its own resources to service the Clients.
  13. In the event of a medical panic and the Company has to make use of a third party service and such cost will be for the Clients account and not for the Company.
  14. RESQ-ME Mobile Panic service also covers the subscribing member/s up to a five (5) kilometre radius from the registered address.
  15. RESQ-ME Mobile Panic service is not a substitute for a medical aid.
2. Testing the RESQ-ME Mobile Panic
  1. Phone the control centre on 0861 627 000.
  2. Ask the monitoring centre agent to place you on sms testing and provide your normal password.
  3. Once the agent confirms that you are on test, end the call.
  4. Press your pre-programmed speed dial number on your handset, listen for the call to connect and disconnect.
  5. An SMS will be send from the control centre to confirm the cell panic was received.
  6. If no SMS is received, please contact the monitoring centre again for assistance.
  7. For every cell phone number you provide on this document for the service, the same process must be followed.
  8. It is the Clients responsibility to programme and test the service from their handset. If the Client changes handset, it is the Clients responsibility to re-programme and retest the service.
3. General Important Information
  1. RESQ-ME Mobile Panic is a product of RESQ MEDIX cc (Swart Security and Resq Medix Ambulance Service)
  2. This service is only available to the members noted on the application form and the allocated cell phone number for each member.
  3. The cell phone numbers noted on the application form must belong to the people staying at the given address.
  4. Each member must ensure that their Caller Line Identity (CLI) is active and not hidden. The Company will not be held responsible if alert notification are not received due to the Caller line Identity not be activated. It is also not seen as an excuse not to pay for services subscribed to.
  5. Each member must ensure that they have airtime to initiate the call. In the event of no airtime can a please call me option be used. Please take note that please call me signals is NOT seen as a priority signal at the cellular service providers and can be delayed. Delayed signals can relay in services not dispatched in time to deal with the emergency.
  6. It is the responsibility of the main member to notify the monitoring centre in writing (email or letter) if numbers change.
  7. The monthly subscription of R99.00 per month inclusive of vat only covers up to four (4) cell numbers. An additional charge of R27.50 inclusive of vat will be charged for additional numbers.
  8. In the event that payment is done via EFT of CASH the payment must be done monthly in advance no later than the 7th. The following banking details can be used for payments; Nedbank (1002528054) and use main member cell number or invoice number as reference.
  9. In the event that payment is done via Debit Order, a debit order form must be completed and submitted with the application form for the Company to load the debit order advice.
  10. Termination of service must be in writing giving a 30 days cancellation notice. Failure to pay for service will result in services been suspended and the Company reserves the right to charge a reconnection fee of R150.
  11. RESQ-ME Mobile Panic service is dependant on the cellular service provider. In other words if the cellular service provider is “OFFLINE” a cell panic signal will not come through to the monitoring centre.
  12. In the event that no panic signal is received at the monitoring centre due to cellular service been offline or Client error, it will indemnify the Company from any claims that may arise.
  13. These terms and conditions may change from time to time without prior notification.