Welcome to the RESQ-ME Mobile Panic Website

What is RESQ-ME Mobile Panic?

RESQ-ME Mobile Panic is an emergency number programmed on your landline or mobile phone’s speed dial that you press in case of an emergency.

Your mobile phone then contact a 24 hour Emergency Control Centre notifying them that there is an emergency. The Control Room Operator will phoned the number to establish the type of emergency and dispatch the necessary services.

Key Points!

  • World-Class High Speed Alert System
  • NO Downloads, NO Extras
  • Supports ALL Phones & Networks
  • Include a NO-AIRTIME Option
  • Simple Enough for a Child to Use
  • Access to 24 Hour Monitoring Centre
  • Access to 24 Hour Armed Response
  • Access to 24 Hour Ambulance Service

How It Works

In the event of an emergency you, the member, press the pre-programmed number on your mobile or landline to notify the 24 hour Control Centre that there is an emergency.

The call placed to the Control Centre is generated into a PANIC Signal and the Control Room Operator contacts you on the number used for the activation.

The Control Room Operator will now obtain details of the emergency and dispatch the correct services to your location.

In the event that the number is not answered will services be dispatched to the registered address.

Step by Step Guide

  • Step 1: Press the pre-programmed SPEED DIAL on your handset
  • Step 3: Dispatching of the correct EMERGENCY SERVICES

Monthly subscription?

R99 per month

  • Covers up to a family of 4 members (1 number per member)
  • Medical Database records on each member
  • Notification of Next of Kin
  • Access to 24 Hour Emergency Control Centre
  • Access to Ambulance, Armed Response & Police services

Additional Extra's

  • For every additional member to the subscription we add R27.50 to the monthly subscription

Application Form?

Click on the link below to download the application form. Complete the form and email to info@resq-me.co.za or fax to 021 558 1709.